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Introducing the 2023 Public School Retiree Workshops!

If you are an Arkansas School Employee considering retirement in 2023, 2024 or 2025, you don’t want to miss these educational presentations!

In years past, we presented an hour-long workshop that covered the entire retirement process. As this was a lot of information for such a short presentation, we decided to change things up this year and give you more opportunities to dig deeper into specific areas of retirement.

For 2023, we are providing multiple workshops that are topic specific. Read on to learn more!

All workshops will be via ZOOM and will last less than an hour with Q&A. 

Separate registration is required for each workshop.

Understanding ARTRS Retirement with T-Drop 

If you are retiring and have a T-Drop, you can’t miss this webinar! Sign up and get ready for a thorough explanation of your pension and T-Drop options as well as page-by-page retirement application instructions. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions and/or schedule a no-cost, no-obligation, one-on-one retirement consultation.  Let our 28 years of experience work for you!

  • January 23rd @4:15pm
  • February 13th @4:15pm
  • March 6th @4:15pm

Register for: Understanding ARTRS Retirement with T-Drop

Understanding School Retirement without T-Drop 

Are you retiring with 25-28 years in ARTRS? Do you need to pick “Straight”, “Option A”, “Option B” or “Option C”? No idea??? Then you need to attend this webinar where you will receive a thorough explanation of your pension options. We will also go through the ARTRS retirement application and provide opportunities for you to ask questions.

  • January 26th @4:15pm
  • March 7th @4:15pm

Register for: Understanding School Retirement without T-Drop

Understanding ARBenefits in Retirement

If you are like most retirees, you have a lot of questions about how insurance will work as both a non-Medicare and Medicare primary retiree.  You might also be wondering what options are available for your spouse or if you should go on your spouse’s creditable group coverage.  You can’t afford to miss this insurance webinar where we will explain how to keep (or have the option for) health insurance in retirement. We will give a thorough explanation of Premium, Classic, Basic and Medicare primary options as well as explain the benefits of a health savings account (HSA). And don’t worry, you will have chances to ask questions!

  • February 7th @4:15pm
  • March 13th @4:15pm

Register for: Understanding ARBenefits in Retirement

How to Keep Dental, Vision and Cancer Insurance in Retirement

You can’t go into retirement and ignore your teeth and eyes!  As the endorsed insurance representatives for the Arkansas Retired Teachers Association (ARTA), we will show you the best dental and vision plan

options available to public school retirees.  Plus, you will learn about ARTA’s cancer plan that pays a “lump sum” upon diagnosis and has the easiest claim process known to us!

  • February 9th @4:15pm
  • March 14th @4:15pm

Register for: How to Keep Dental, Vision and Cancer Insurance in Retirement

Understanding 403B, 457, 401K, IRA & T-Drop Accounts 

How many times over our 28 years have we heard, “I don’t understand my retirement accounts and how they work!”. If this is you, then you can’t miss hearing our retirement specialists and investment advisors as they explain these retirement accounts, answer questions, and provide an opportunity to schedule a no-cost, one-on-one retirement planning consultation. Come see why so many of your peers choose to do business with us each year!

  • January 24th @4:15pm
  • February 20th @4:15pm

Register for: Understanding 403B, 457, 401K, IRA & T-Drop Accounts

Join us for a workshop on the topic of your choice or schedule an appointment to discuss YOUR retirement!

Download the 2023 PRW Flyer

2023 Lesson Plans for Retirement Workshops

Join us on ZOOM in the summer for a complimentary, educational workshop specifically for active Arkansas public school teachers and employees. Wear your shorts & flip-flops, sit out back on the patio, by the pool or in your home office, to hear a broad range of topics relative to your current situation and future retirement.

Registration will open in late spring 2023.


Individualized Workshops and Professional Development

If your school district or individual school would like to schedule a workshop, please let us know by sending an email to

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