At Insurance Advantage & LMA Financial Services, we are working for you, not an insurance company!

Insurance Advantage & LMA Financial Services is a group of independent insurance agents based out of Jacksonville, Arkansas, with additional offices in Jonesboro and Springdale. We pride ourselves on working for our clients, and not for a company. Mary Alice Hughes began Insurance Advantage in 1995 and partnered with Lisa Bamburg in 2010 to form Insurance Advantage & LMA Financial Services. We specialize in working with Arkansas Public School Employees and their families. We strive to always help our clients make the best decisions possible. Below you will find more information about our owners and the entire IA/LMA team. We are an A+ Better Business Bureau accredited company and we are also endorsed by the Arkansas Retired Teacher's Association.

Our team is experienced and focused on providing you exemplary customer service

Meet Our Team

Mary Alice Hughes

Co-Owner/Retirement Specialist - NPN 833859


Mary Alice is a Co-Owner of Insurance Advantage & LMA Financial Services. She started her insurance and retirement planning career in January 1995. She will tell you that, as a retirement specialist, every day is a day to learn and share your knowledge. It only takes a few minutes around Mary Alice to see her passion for her job, the company, and its employees. Mary Alice places great value on the personal connections she has with her clients, which is her favorite part of the job! Faith in Christ is at the foundation of her business and she strives to live by the golden rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated. 

Mary Alice, born and raised in Benton, AR, grew up in a strong Christian home with two school-teaching parents! Her dad, Ken, was an elementary principal. Helen, her mother, taught 7th grade English and Social Studies. Her parent’s love of people, and especially children, has continued in Mary Alice’s life. One of her most favorite hobbies is trip planning and taking! She has even planned trips for friends and clients. Additionally, she enjoys college sports, especially Razorback football. When time allows, she loves to golf! Mary Alice has also been an avid reader of the newspaper since her childhood days. When she is in the office, there’s going to be positive vibes, laughter, and many days, a very good lunch! 

Lisa Bamburg

Co-Owner/Investment Advisor Representative/Retirement Specialist - NPN 16145696 CRD 6458715


Lisa is a Co-Owner of Insurance Advantage & LMA Financial Services. She is an Investment Advisor Representative holding a Series 65 registration. She also is a licensed insurance agent for Life, Health, and Annuities. What started out as a love for numbers and problem-solving blossomed into a wonderful career in the financial industry. Lisa’s clients are like extended family and she cherishes the relationships she has made over the years and the trust they have in her. 

Speaking of family… Lisa is blessed to have two incredible adult children and a Marine pilot as a son-in-law. Elise and her husband, Trint, currently reside in Corpus Christi, Texas. After a short stint in North Carolina in early 2022, they will go wherever the Marine’s send them. Lisa’s son, Joel, has Autism and is non-verbal. She has devoted much time to understanding Joel’s condition and providing him with the best opportunities possible. Joel spends his days at the Pathfinder in Jacksonville where Lisa serves on the Board of Directors. Due to the role Pathfinder has had in Joel’s life, the organization is Lisa’s favorite charity. She is also involved with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Ronald McDonald House of Arkansas. In her limited free time, Lisa enjoys watching sports, playing golf, reading, and playing board games with friends. She is a self-proclaimed hummingbird freak and enjoys watching them “play” in her backyard. 

Blake Howard

Investment Advisor Representative/Retirement Specialist - NPN 19018014 CRD 7071893


Blake is an Investment Advisor Representative and holds a Series 6, a Series 63, and a Series 65 registration. He is also a licensed life and health insurance agent. His combined roles as an investment advisor representative and a life insurance specialist allow him to create plans that help maximize his client’s wealth. Blake’s broad scope of knowledge, and his love of people, are what set him apart from most when it comes to retirement and investment planning. He believes it’s important to view the entire picture, not just the moment at hand. Blake will take the necessary time to help clients fully understands what products or investments they have and why they are included in their plan. 

Blake, and his beautiful wife, Hannah, (an attorney at Gill Ragon Owen, P.A. in Little Rock) were born and raised in Paragould, AR. They both enjoy living in Little Rock and take advantage of the miles of bike trails and wonderful restaurants in the central Arkansas area. But during duck season, he sure keeps the road northeast Arkansas hot! 

Like everyone else on the team, Blake is a big fan of anything Razorback. But unlike other team members, Blake is a bit of a clean freak and keeps his work area and home clean and clutter-free! This obsession helps him to stay focused on the tasks he needs to complete each day.  

Haley Hickingbotham

Retirement Specialist/Agent - NPN 18736133


Haley was born and raised in Jacksonville, AR. Her dad, Barry, has been a coach, a teacher and now an Athletic Director. Haley’s mom, Lisa, is a 2nd-grade teacher in the Beebe School District. Haley is the big sister to Brandon and Molly whom she loves dearly. Haley joined our team in February of 2018 after graduating from Henderson State University in 2017.  

One of Haley’s greatest qualities is her caring spirit! True to her personality, Haley treats each and every client with the utmost respect and kindness. Her goal is to put God first in everything and treat His children in a manner pleasing to Him. The entire team (and Haley’s clients) can attest to her success in doing so! Haley is dedicated to Lisa and Mary Alice, her team and our clients. At the end of the day, she is proud of her accomplishments both with clients and the other work she does at IA&LMA. 

When not at work, Haley enjoys attending or watching Razorback sports. (If you haven’t heard her yelling while watching a Hogs game on TV, then just open your door and listen for her the next time they play!) Haley also enjoys going to concerts and movies with family and friends. 

If you ask her, Haley will be quick to tell you that she works to travel! In 2018, she took her first trip to New York City and fell in love with the city! Her favorite of all, however, was her 2019 journey to Tiberias, Israel, a city on the Sea of Galilee, during her Holy Land tour. She has a bucket list of journeys and can’t wait to see everything she can see! Haley values life experiences over material things, cherishing each experience as she strives to live life to the fullest.  

Lisa Seward

Medicare Specialist/Agent - NPN 1675619


Lisa is a licensed life and health insurance agent and assists our clients with Medicare products, dental, vision, cancer, heart and stroke insurance coverage. She started in the insurance industry soon after graduating from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. 

Our client’s love to hear Lisa’s cheerful voice and experience her positive attitude! Our team knows that these attributes are two of God’s greatest gifts to her! 

Having lived in nine different states, most of her 31 years in central Arkansas were spent with the love of her life, Darrel Seward. Darrel was a coach in the Little Rock School District his entire career and passed away in November of 2018 after a 2-year battle with cancer. She will tell you that, with the help of her loving God, she has been able to move on, learning to give her worries and fears to Him! Lisa is mother to an adult son and "Memaw” to a precious granddaughter! Her other two “kids” have four legs and rule the roost!  

In the summer of 2021, Lisa was able to move back to Georgia and be of assistance to her aging parents. With modern technology, she hasn’t missed a beat where her job is concerned! 

Laura Babcock

Marketing Specialist


Laura is the Marketing Specialist at Insurance Advantage & LMA Financial Services. Her career has been diverse, having served both as a marketing leader and a professional ballet dancer. In her 20+ years in marketing, she has worked for companies ranging from Fortune 500 to small non-profit sectors. At IA&LMA, Laura’s focus is to promote the brand and mission of the firm through marketing strategies and campaigns, including digital and social media. Secondary to her marketing role, Laura also manages the internal operations ensuring technologies, software, and database systems are functioning at the highest possible level. Laura enjoys using data and analytics to help everyone understand the ”why” of what is working and what is not working.

Laura works remotely from her home office in Panama City Beach, Florida, where she lives with her husband, Ralph, a retired U.S. Air Force Chief Master Sergeant. Between the two of them, they have five grown children and five grandsons. Her family has lived in thirteen cities across the United States and has traveled extensively around the world for their careers. In her spare time, Laura likes to cook, garden, swim, and play golf. She also teaches ballet lessons whenever she can, to give back to the art form she loves, and he has a future goal to write a book.

Rocky Fawcett

Medicare Specialist/Agent - NPN 19204459


Rocky joined our team after a 35-year career as a teacher, coach and administrator in Pulaski County Special School District. (He will be quick to tell you that one of the athletes he coached in track went on to win a 2016 Olympic Gold Medal! ) Rocky is a licensed health and life agent.  Our clients thoroughly enjoy visiting with Rocky! He has a wonderful ability to make others feel at ease. From listening to, and working with, a variety of clients, he has learned that every person is different and that there’s much more to someone than what is on the surface.  

Rocky is married to Michele who is also on the IA&LMA team. He is the proud father of two sons, Reid and Jake. He has had the pleasure to be both a father and at times, a coach to his sons. (By the way, you can read more about his boys in Michele’s bio below!)   

In his free time, Rocky loves watching high school sports and all Razorback sports. Now that Michele and Rocky reside in northwest Arkansas, he can, at times, attend games with one or both of his sons. This makes for a happy Rocky! 

Tina Clegg

Team Assistant


When you first come in the door of our Jacksonville office, you are most likely welcomed by Tina! It is her voice that you may hear on the phone, too. This makes Tina a very valuable member of our team!  She enjoys making those connections with clients.  

Tina is the oldest of seven siblings and has two children of her own. She is “Nana” to four, adorable grandchildren. And “Nana” is her favorite title! Tina’s faith is vitally important to her and she strives to teach her children and grandchildren that faith in God is what gets her through each and every day. 

Family and friends are a huge part of Tina’s life. Time with the grandbabies is her favorite! She is always up for an event with them whether that be cooking dinner, playing games, or simply spending time together. After a long day at work, you can find Tina in her recliner watching her favorite shows, Razorback sports, Dallas Cowboy football games and rooting for her nephew who starts on the Texas Tech Red Raiders football team. 

Michele Fawcett

Team Assistant


After 27 years in the teaching profession, Michele joined our team in 2019. Having gone through the retirement process herself, she understands the unique situations of school employees and their need for assistance in planning a successful retirement. She was extremely pleased with the service and expertise she received from the team when she retired and was thrilled when Lisa and Mary Alice asked her to come to join the team! 

Michele is married to Rocky, another of our team members. Together they have two handsome sons, Reid and Jake. Reid is practicing dentistry in Northwest Arkansas and Jake is living his best life as a student at the University of Arkansas. Like his brother before him, Jake loves being a U of A student and enjoys all things Razorback!  

Having grown up in the central Arkansas area, teaching in Pulaski County Schools and then working in our Jacksonville office, Rocky and Michele decided (in 2022) to move to Northwest Arkansas and work in our Springdale office.  

When not at work, Michele enjoys travel and spending time with family and friends. 

Deborah Wallace

Medicare Specialist/Agent – NPN 20471246


Deborah is a lifelong resident of central Arkansas. She graduated from Cabot High School, received her BSE from the University of Arkansas-Little Rock and MS from the University of Central Arkansas. She taught high school English and College Psychology for 33 years before “retiring” and joining the staff at Insurance Advantage & LMA Financial Services. She’s now a licensed insurance agent and loves helping all clients, but especially her fellow retired teachers! 

Deborah has two grown children, Brock and Ally, and she loves spending time with them at home or traveling. When not at work, Deborah enjoys hosting family and friends, watching sports, cooking, reading, taking on building/refinishing projects and cleaning up dog hair (but it’s so worth it! Love you, Chloe and Eddie!) 

Joy Randell

ARTA Benefits Specialist/Agent - NPN 16693977


Joy is a central Arkansas resident but was born and raised in Texarkana, Texas. She graduated from Texas High School and received a Bachelor of Science degree from John Brown University. Joy joined our team in January of 2022. Many of our North Little Rock & Sherwood area clients immediately recognize her voice because she has waited on them at Gadwall’s Grill for over 20 years!  Joy leaves our work family and joins her other work family at Gadwall’s one to two nights a week.  

Both of Joys beautiful daughters and two of her grandchildren live near her.  In her spare time, if she is not playing tennis (which she has done since age 12), she is most likely spoiling her grands, Elanor and Frankie! She also enjoys her Bunko group, going to the beach and trying out new restaurants with friends. 

Whitney House

Retirement Specialist/Agent - NPN 20054523


Whitney completed her MBA in Finance at the University of Central Arkansas in May of 2022. She joined the IA/LMA Team in August of 2021. Whitney is fully focused on growing her knowledge and expertise in the financial industry. She beams with pride as she tells people that she and her twin sister, Alexis, are first-generation college graduates in their family! Whitney is not only extremely smart, but she is also quick to tell you that she hopes to never stop learning and prides herself in her education. With a passion to help others achieve their financial goals, this industry is perfect for Whitney! 

Whitney was born and raised in Jacksonville, Arkansas. Her favorite vacation destination is the beach; however, she has traveled abroad when she visited China for ten days while in college. Whitney has two siblings, a twin sister that is mentioned above and a brother who is 17 years younger than her that she enjoys spoiling. He is truly benefiting from watching his older sisters strive for, and reach, their dreams. In her spare time, Whitney enjoys decorating for events and holidays as well as spending time with her family.