Fast Facts with Lisa

Fast Facts with Lisa

| August 04, 2017

Lisa Bamburg is a founder and co-owner of Insurance Advantage and LMA Financial Services. She has a degree in finance from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and is a Registered Investment Advisor, affiliated with CoreCap Advisors, Inc, as well as a licensed insurance agent. Lisa is passionate about coaching clients to win in retirement.

Around the office, she's the Ethel to Mary Alice's Lucy. Sometimes she has to rein "Lucy" in, but the duo teams up to provide great services and products to clients.

Read on to learn more about Lisa and the things she is passionate about beyond numbers.

Tell us about your family.

Elise is my 22-year-old Baylor graduate who is off my payroll and out in the real world at her first big girl job!

Joel loves cars, trains and technology. At 20-years-old, he attends the Pathfinder Workshop in Jacksonville, Ark. He is autistic non-verbal and always finds ways to make me smile and laugh.

What is your favorite food?

A steak grilled to the perfect medium-rare is my favorite meal at home. My favorite restaurant is Brave New Restaurant in Little Rock - they serve amazingly fresh seafood, delicious breads and have the best service in town!

I also love milk chocolate and peanut butter - and wine!

What do you do for fun?

Whether it is the mountains of Arkansas or the California coast, I love to travel. Every turn makes a new memory. I try not to plan the same trip twice - except to Mexico. The Royal in Playa Del Carmen can't be beat.

My favorite spot in Arkansas is on Greer's Ferry Lake during any season. I am a bit of a pyro and have so much fun around the fire pit (and playing with my flamethrower fire starter). I still water ski in the summer at least once! I grew up on the water and learned to ski when I was only 4 years old. The fall is one of my favorite times to be at the lake - I sit on the porch surrounded by the changing leaves and yell at the TV (it really does make the Razorbacks play better)!

In the winter, right before Christmas, I bring Santa's Shop to Arkansas Children's Hospital. I started this fun event in 1999. Patients and their families come "shop" for gifts when their circumstances land them hospital-bound during the holiday. It brings me joy to see a parent's face light up to find the perfect necklace or trinket to give their patient. Setting up the shop and providing these gifts at no cost to the shoppers is my most fun day of the year.

Do you have any furry friends?

Jenna, the smartest dog on the planet, is my 12-year-old Australian Shepherd.

What are some of your favorite things right now?

I love pajamas! The moment I cross the threshold into my house after work, I am changing into comfy PJs and house shoes. Really, if I am going to be home more than 30 minutes, it's guaranteed that I'll be jumping into PJ pants. It's my favorite time of day.

Since I have a career-woman daughter now, we've started a nightly routine of chatting while she drives home from work. It typically takes her an hour to drive in traffic from her office to her home, and we talk the whole way. I love technology (and the best friend relationship I have with Elise).

Girlfriends are my favorite. I've always been a girl's girl, and I love having female friendships. We travel, group message, play games, pray, eat and drink, and relax around the kitchen table together. Some of my favorite memories are made with my girlfriends.

What's something you have learned recently about your faith or share your favorite scripture/song right now?

"God and my girlfriends
They're always there when
I'm feeling down, always around, lifting me up
I love how they know me, forgive me, and show me
Again and again, I can depend
On God and my girlfriends"

God and My Girlfriends by Reba McIntire